Summer is here and it’s bringing hot temperatures and scorching days that are great for vacations but bad for your hair. If your scalp and hair are dehydrated during the summer, it may be time to switch up your hair care routine and take hair spa and protein treatment. Whether you have short or long hair, keeping the strands healthy in the hot and humid air can be difficult.

Although the sun can create havoc on your hair, don’t worry we won’t let the heat win. Here are very easy and effective ways to keep hair manageable in summer. Buckle up to flaunt your hair throughout the season.

TIP 1: Get a trim haircut

Summer is the ideal time to trim your hair. This is because high temperatures can lead to extra frizzy hair giving you split ends. Split ends make hair more prone to breakage. So, it is better to trim your hair and refresh it!

We suggest getting a trim every 6 – 8 weeks to cut down the damaged ends of your hair. Perks are that it is easier to manage short hair in hot and humid weather! Aevolve Beauty Lounge have best hair stylist, and we are one of the best beauty salon in jlt.

TIP 2: Use Scarves and hats

Hats and scarves are two of the most popular summer hair accessories. These act as hair shields, preventing direct contact between the sun and the hair. Summer scarves made of cotton fabric are ideal. Flat crowns or high crown hats are the best choices for hats.However, wearing hats for an extended period can cause the scalp to become hot and the hair to become greasy. As a result, choose soft-material hats and avoid wearing them while walking or sitting in the shade.These methods can provide your hair with the necessary sun protection while preventing hair damage.

TIP 3 :Reduce sebum production on the scalp

The scalp produces natural oil, which keeps the hair and scalp moist and hydrated. Some people, however, produce significantly more natural oil (sebum), resulting in sticky and greasy hair. People with oily skin are more likely to have an oily scalp. This problem is exacerbated during the summer.Use this skin analysis test to determine whether your scalp is oily or not, and then follow the tips and tricks below to avoid greasy hair.

  • Timely hair rinsing
  • Keep the Comb Clean
  • Make use of oil-free hair products.
  • Post-workout hair wash
  • Rinse hair thoroughly.

TIP 4: Wash your hair properly

We all wash our hair in different ways. However, hair should be washed properly. Incorrect hair rinsing technique can sometimes result in more hair breakage and damage.Hair washing includes many do’s and don’ts. Poor hair rinsing, especially in the summer, leaves oil in the hair, making it greasy and dirty.If you learn ‘how to properly wash hair and put it into practice, you will notice a difference in the texture of your hair.

For a good hair wash you can visit Aevolve Beauty Lounge, Best hair salon in jlt.

TIP 5: Summer hairstyles

Loose hairs can be bothersome in the summer. It has the potential to entangle and cause significant hair loss. Summer hairstyles can make a big difference in how you manage your hair.To keep your hair manageable on hot days, try loose ponytails, buns, and a variety of other summer hairstyles.

TIP 6: Use the proper conditioner.

Many people believe that using conditioner in the summer causes their hair to become more oily and sticky. However, this is not the case. An excellent nourishing conditioner keeps hair moisturized, reduces flyaways and frizz, and strengthens hair.The only thing to remember is to use conditioner properly to avoid damp hair. You can use any conditioner, such as instant, spray, or leave-in.Hair serum is essential.Good hair serum is a summer hair essential that must be used.

Hair serum forms a protective shield around your hair, preventing it from becoming dirty or damaged. Furthermore, serum shields your hair from flyaways and the heat of styling tools.Use this hair serum after rinsing, going out, or styling your hair.If you want to learn more about the advantages of Hair Growth Serum, click here. Learn how and when to apply hair serum to your hair and enjoy sunny days with beautiful hair.

TIP 7: Indulge in scalp massage

Scalp massage aka champi is also another best way to achieve healthy and smooth hair. With rising mercury, the sun rays get sharp too. A longer sun exposure on hair can damage the hair cuticles making them lifeless and limp.

But wait! Oiling can rescue your hair. You can include scalp massage using lighter hair oils in your routine. Scalp massage combats hair damage, strengthens hair and improves blood circulation to bring back life to your hair